Cycle | la Serenissima


for various ensembles (2001-20__)

La Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia!!! This series of compositions is dedicated to the city of Venice and its lesser-known, often dark sides. Completed are acqua alta (the first part), barbara baccante, ponte de la pietà, fuoco e fumo, and mappamondo (the final part). More works will follow.

"Venice has been painted and described many thousands of times, and of all the cities of the world is the easiest to visit without going there. Open the first book and you will find a rhapsody about it; step into the first picture-dealer's and you will find three or four high-coloured "views" of it. There is notoriously nothing more to be said on the subject. Every one has been there, and every one has brought back a collection of photographs. There is as little mystery about the Grand Canal as about our local thoroughfare, and the name of St. Mark is as familiar as the postman's ring. It is not forbidden, however, to speak of familiar things, and I hold that for the true Venice-lover Venice is always in order. There is nothing new to be said about her certainly, but the old is better than any novelty. It would be a sad day indeed when there should be something new to say."

from: Italian Hours by Henry James