'cross Broadway


for piano and chamber orchestra (2005-2006)
9 minutes | no.24

Running across Broadway I bumped into Thelonious Monk: it didn’t hurt a bit.

'cross Broadway is the fifth part of Uptown|Downtown, an urban panorama in six movements, which is thought of as an evening-long dance production about city life in Manhattan.

photo: Flat Iron Building (±1903) from the archive of Miriam Berman (reproduced with permission)


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Note: 'cross Broadway also exists in a version for solo piano

Commissioned by


Written for

John Snijders & Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic

Dedicated to

Susanna Eastburn


(as part of NYConcerto)
24 March 2007
Concertgebouw Amsterdam (Netherlands)
John Snijders (piano)
Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic
Stefan Asbury (conductor)



[...] His NYConcerto contains many jazz related references, and appeals immediately as one solid chunk of vitality, unparalleled in recent Dutch musical life. [...] NYConcerto went down extremely well with the audience of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. The catching, Bernsteinesque elegance of the performance by the [Netherlands] Radio Chamber Philharmonic, conducted by Stefan Asbury, and the magnificent solo by John Snijders completed this feast. [...]

Roeland Hazendonk, De Telegraaf, 26 March 2007

[...] Serving as main course, as well as breathtaking finale, was Rijnvos's NYConcerto. The piano concerto in three movements is part of an evening-long New York cycle which has six movements in total. This promises to turn into quite something, as the amount of notes that were being jet-sprayed into the hall within thirty-five minutes was already overwhelming. [...]

Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant, 26 March 2007

[...] In his intelligent way of quoting Rijnvos proves himself heir to Stravinsky. Gershwin, Ives, Monk: they all pass by, yet it is the composer himself who is clearly in control of the restlessly roaring urban vision. [...]

Jochem Valkenburg, NRC Handelsblad, 26 March 2007

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John Snijders (piano) & Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic
Stefan Asbury - conductor


24 March 2007, ZaterdagMatinee, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
by Dutch Radio NPS/AVRO/TROS (reproduced with permission)

'cross Broadway

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'cross Broadway

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'cross Broadway

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