for piano and chamber orchestra (2004-2006)
30 minutes – no.20+22+24

This 3-part concerto for piano and chamber orchestra, entitled NYConcerto (pronounce: 'New York Concerto'), arose as an assembly of the following pieces:

1. Grand Central Dance
It is January 1924 and George Gershwin returns by train from Boston, having attended the premiere of his musical Sweet Little Devil. New themes slumber in his mind for a piece he is yet to write. Unconsciously they mingle with the rattling sound of the carriages. A mere three weeks is all he has for his contribution to the concert by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. By the time his train thunders into Manhattan's Grand Central Station, the definite plot of his Rhapsody in Blue unfolds.

2. Central Dance in the Park
In the heart of Central Park two people dance tirelessly. Dazzled by enthusiasm they bump into a passer-by. He turns out to be Charles Ives. The couple continue their dance, unperturbed and with great mirth, and go for some passionate waltzing.

3. 'cross Broadway
Running across Broadway I bumped into Thelonious Monk: it didn't hurt a bit.